tides was formed in collaboration with mixed media artist Sun Park during their MFA at San Francisco State University. This collection is a sonic accompaniment to a mixed media installation prsenting video projection, digitally printed fabric, ceramic, slime, sand, and soft sculptures entitled “A ROOM WITH HOLES: first visit” initially installed at the Martin Wong Gallery in Winter 2021. This composition is an improvisation for non-linear editor using an array of coastal field recordings as well as recordings taken by Park herself. Ambisonic simulation was employed to highlight the enclosed nature of the 360° camera footage taken from within Park’s sculpture.  

quilts was formed in collaboration with visual artist Melissa Harvey during her residency at the Community Media Center of Marin. This collection was originally brought to the public in the form of an audio-visual installation at Harvey's Spring 2017 exhibit, "Secret Splitting".  These compositions are formed from a series of digitally manipulated loops from vinyl LPs acquired in Harvey’s hometown in Northern California. As a result, this piece seeks to engage in a local ecology of source material - re-interpreting these records becomes a means of unearthing the sonic textures embedded in regional histories.